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Question: How did you get started in making wine and beer?

Well it was not something I thought I would be doing but one day I promised my 5 year old son I would try to quit smoking upon his request. I quit smoking on June 11, 2012 after almost 22 years of being a smoker. I felt that I needed something to do as a hobby. After all, my family has made wine and beer for generations and I figured I might just turn out being good at it..LOL!

Question: If I want to buy your wine do you sell it?

No, I do not and can not sell the wine I make. I am not a commercial vineyard or brewery and do you know how many friends I have that are in Law Enforcement?. Would not be intelligent on my part to try and do it.

Question: If you don’t sell the wine what do you do with all of it you make?

I drink it of course…LOL! Seriously I share it with family and friends to see what they think. They are the best critics to have so I can continue to learn what I need to do to make it even better next time. For example, I made watermelon wine for the first time. I did not let it clear so it was pink in color and it was really good. My sister loved it. The next time I altered the recipe and she hated it. She said it was to strong. I learned that I should make it like the first time and I learned what color it really is. It is not pink but a yellow when it has completely cleared. Who would have thought.

Question: If you could go commercial making wine, would you?

I really have thought about looking in to it and if I hit the lottery or the start up was not out of this world I would love to. Right now it is a pipe dream but I would love it to be a reality one day.

Question: Did it cost a lot for you to start making wine?

I really didn’t know what I was getting in to but a good friend of mine has been making wine for years and is a member of the SCA. I had a lot of questions for him and after many long discussions I decided to start out with 1 gallon jugs and bought a small starter kit. Starter kits range in prices and I will on occasion post links to some for those wanting to start out. I bought a lot of 1 gallon glass jugs and some wine bottles and beer bottles from TrashBinLLC. Just give them a call and they will keep an eye out for you.

Question: Do you hope your son will learn how to make wine?

That is a funny question. He has already taken an interest in it and has helped me make a couple different types already. He knows what the equipment is called and he even comes up with some wild ideas like Chocolate-Orange, Strawberry-Mint and some others. He knows we may not make all his ideas since they may not “taste” the best and frankly, he is a little young to be drinking his thoughts. He does like on occasion to sample the must before we add yeast to see what it tastes like before it becomes wine.

Question: What wines have you made so far since you started making wine in June 2012?

From July 1, 2012 to Jan 4, 2013 I have made a total of 3 gallons of Watermelon Wine, 1 gallon of White Grape Juice Wine, 4 gallons of Chocolate-Strawberry Wine, 1 gallon of Wild Grape Wine (grapes were from my brother-in-law and the grapes are from Germany), 5 gallons of Elderberry Wine and 2.5 Gallons of American Ale Beer.

Question: What is the most important thing you learned in making wine?

Sanitize, Sanitize and Sanitize your equipment before using. My very first batch of mead was an Apple Mead and it molded on me. I personally believe that something was not sanitized completely and that caused the issue. Hasn’t happened since.



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